Something my friend and colleague Todd Gregory and I wrote for our work in wildland fire, but the themes are broad and universal. Enjoy.

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center

By Dana Skelly and Todd Gregory


A trainee walks into a bar…

Right. How about this: A trainee comes your way, not really impressing you, but whatever. Close to finishing their book, you cut them loose to run the mission. You thumb through their task book. You see that this is their sixth assignment and the only way the last two evaluators have gotten away with checking “not all tasks were evaluated…” is by breaking out bullets—like you aren’t supposed to do.


Sucks to be in that position. How does this even happen?

It happens because we let it happen.

And really, it sucks for both of you.

We see helping each other in this way as being confrontational or negative. So we avoid giving tough feedback and constructive alternatives—and we end up passing the buck.

The Easy Wrong

Why is this story something you can relate to? Because it…

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